Our NEW! Curbside Grocery and Meal Pick up

Wednesday to Sunday 4pm - 8pm

From Our Table to Yours!

Your favorite food, simplified, affordable, and most importantly, ready to bring home.

As Canadians, we all have a part to play in the fight to get through this global health crisis and do this by acting responsibly and protect each other. To keep everyone safe, we have adopted these two methods to ensure we are keeping with social distancing. When you arrive if could you remain in your vehicle and call 905 633 9929 and pick from one of the following options. 


Please call when you arrive and we will bring your food right to your vehicle!

Credit card or Debit Card payment required for Curbside Pick Up. Tap-Enabled credit card required for Contactless Payment; or select PAY ONLINE NOW when ordering online to pre-pay for your order. 


Tap-enabled credit card or Debit Cards are required for Contactless Delivery; or select PAY ONLINE NOW when ordering online to pre-pay and pre-tip for your order

Chop and Wop's
Methods of Curbside pick up

From our table to yours

Over the past year we have had the great pleasure of having you in our new home, with recent events taking care of each other is so important. Here at CW we want to help make our community safer so we can all get through this together. We are doing this by reducing the amount of stops on the way home, we have redesigned the menu to make it affordable, approachable  and convenient. We know your time is valuable, so of April 24th we started Grocery Curbside and who can forget the most important part... a good bottle of wine. From our table to yours! We wish you all the very best, stay safe, stay home and we will get through this together!

Marco and Gio

About Us

Gio and Marco

"Wop" - "Chop"

The Chop & Wop Ristorante story begins with the love for food, cooking, and family. Passionate about food and cooking his entire life, Owner Operator, Marco Rodrigues learned his great grandmother’s traditional Portuguese recipes from an early age, often accompanying her in the kitchen for hours. These childhood memories fueled Marco’s vision and passion as a food connoisseur.


For now we have taken some of our favourite dishes and created some new ones to create a fast and delicious menu.


4045 Harvester Rd., Burlington Ontario

Curbside pick up hours

Wednesday to Sunday 4 PM to 8 PM

Closed Sundays and Stat Holidays

Please wait to be contacted for confirmation of pick up time